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Company History

Andy Mueller represents the 3rd generation builder of a family construction history spanning over 100 years. Andy received his first tool box at age 6 and once his parents got him and his saw under control, Andy happily grew up in the construction business, spending many of his early days on the jobsite. His father taught him well and by high school Andy had become an apprentice finish carpenter. In 1967 Andy set up his first business in the San Francisco Bay Area, finding a niche doing renovation, repair and additions to turn of the century historical homes. His reputation expanded and he began to take on larger projects of similar nature. With Andy’s meticulous eye for detail and vast experience in intricate finish work, this was an excellent showcase for his talents. 

Moving his family to Bainbridge Island in 1975, Andy worked in partnership with another builder for six years before founding Mueller Construction, specializing in fine custom homebuilding and remodeling. Today, with a history of over 150 exceptional custom homes and many remodel and refurbishment projects, architects, clients, realtors, subcontractors and builders place Mueller Construction at the top of the profession. Mueller Construction continues to build fine custom homes for clients and for sale as well as light commercial projects throughout the Puget Sound region.

Featured Homes:

Country Living Magazine    “House of the Year”

1998, February

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1995, May/June

Luxury Homes               

1994, Fall Issue

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1994, February

Pacific Northwest Magazine 

1992, December

Architectural Digest  

1992, September

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1991, September

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1991, July

Pacific Magazine 

1989, September

Pacific Magazine

1988, September

Andy Mueller Construction Company

Andy Mueller, President: 

Andy is an active “hands-on” owner who participates in the day to day operations of his company including the resolution of technically innovative and complicated field challenges. Simultaneously, Andy deals with corporate steering, long range planning and fiscal responsibilities. Customer relations, however, is one of Andy’s favorite aspects of his business, particularly during the pre-construction phase when his knowledge and expertise serve to reassure and encourage clients during what can be a potentially stressful time.

Outside the office, Andy has earned a reputation for his tireless commitment and contribution to his family, his profession and his community. He donates countless hours to the betterment of the Bainbridge Island, its various institutions and city departments. Concerned that excessive government regulations not only restrict the building industry but also force home owners to compromise their dreams, Andy has volunteered countless hours serving on many boards and has thus gained recognition for his efforts to encourage reasonable regulatory controls.

Tim Burke, Project Manager: 

Tim’s 20 plus years in the construction industry, over half of which have been spent in management positions, make him an effective, qualified leader. At Mueller Construction, he is responsible for overseeing bidding through completion and customer service for our operations to help clients design a home that meets their budget. He manages multiple projects at scattered sites, each with unique design, details and complex finishes. His experience and capabilities help our projects run smoothly and effectively.

Lloyd West, Field Superintendent:

Lloyd has been with Mueller Construction for over 10 years. His 40 plus years of construction experience, 30 years of which have been in leadership roles, make him a great company asset. He has the experience and ability to motivate employees and subcontractors to do their best work on his projects. He sets high standards and can challenge people without confrontation. Lloyd is respected by everyone involved with his projects and is perceived as fair yet demanding. His extensive commercial experience is especially apparent in his ability to “orchestrate” a complex construction site and minimize conflicts.

These key people have chosen construction as their career and take great pride in their accomplishments. These three men make up the core of the Mueller Construction team, representing nearly 100 years of dedication to the construction industry.

Project Philosophy:

Delegation of authority and individual responsibility, supported by continuing education, training and good communication, are the key elements of our management approach. Decisions need to be made in the field on a daily basis. Our experienced, well trained company leadership is responsible for the smooth, cost effective construction of each project. We strive to do things right the first time, and if it isn’t right, we fix it. Our employees consider every customer as a referral; if you are satisfied we know you will recommend us to your friends. Your project is our investment in our future.

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